This guy has a ****load of gear... double and triples of some things!
What kind of sketches me out though is that it's all hidden away in one of those rental storage spaces - I understand you can't keep all this stuff at home, but not even the pedals?

I'm tempted to get a tuner and maybe even the SansAmp for a sort of overdrive, but I'm kind of worried that some of this is stolen? Why would a pro need so many copies of these expensive things?
That does seem a little excessive and dodgy. But maybe he's from a band that almost made it and they broke up, or something along those lines.
its probably a music store owner or something
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Shop went out of business.
Obsessive cumpulsiveness of some sort.
He's just a dick.
Memory issues.
Too much money.
The list goes on and on as to why he would have these thing, but I can tell you I'm probably going to give him a "visit" one of these days....
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For back up? Things do break some times. Maybe the person ran a studio that went under and now they're stuck with all the gear. Or it may be stolen.
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this gear is all in (unless otherwise stated) incredible condition. it has travelled the world and shared stages with korn, evanescense, puddle of mudd and others. top of the line stuff. i will sell as package or as individual pieces.

Hence why the top stuff.
He could be lying and if it has traveled the world, like he says, how can it be in "incredible condition."

It doesn't matter though, still buy stuff if its cheap. Does it really matter where it came from.

thing is, a lot of it doesn't even seem that cheap, I'm sure you could get him to lower some of it, but he's only knocking like 20% off of some items that have supposedly traveled around the world. Around the world means heavy ware, especially if it is famous heavier bands that probably don't care about how they treat equipment.