Hello everyone,
This is my first post so I'll give a short introduction to my problem.
I'm pretty poor on the guitar, which cost £6 on ebay, its a Herald (parp!) 3/4 Spanish style with 3 nylons: I've managed to get a good sound out of it twice, so I know it can play.
I can't really tune it either which doesnt help but my pops tunes it for me 2ce a week.
Here is my problem, I have been playing for maybe a month now and I can play some bits and bobs such as:

Quite Competent:
Smoke on the water intro
Seven Nation Army intro
Redemption song intro
Happy Birthday
Banana Pancakes (jack johnson)intro
I wanna be adored bass intro

Not very well but aware of the tabs:

Better together intro (jack johnson)

America - Horse With No Name

The trouble is, as I'm quite new, and my guitar is very poorly tuned, I am struggling playin chords. I can pluck away single strings all night and day but it is when I need to play chords taht I struggle. I am hoping that some kind soul out there can tell me of a few songs where I can slowly incorporate chords into my playing, I've tried beter together by Jack Johnson but that just isn't working. My fingers stretch like they are webbed so chords covering more than 3 frets with more than 3 fingers usually don't work, and i have a tendancy to cover strings accidentally with my chubby fingers (i'm not fat, I weigh 11 stone but its hereditary).

If anyone out there has any suggestions I would be extremely grateful.
Thanks for your time.
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Try some Bob Dylan stuff, the chords in his songs tend to be basic open chords, so try that.
Practice. That is the answer. You have to practice and practice and practice. You don't get the abilities over night. Go slowly and finger each chord correctly and play the part, the take your time and switch to the next. With that you are going slowly though it, continue doing it slowly and then after a while you get faster and then your playing it just fine.

Guitar takes time to learn, don't expect to get it over night.
Yeah ive been dedicating about 4 hours a day to my guitar so hopefully i'll start pickin it up, much appreciation on the dylan front too!!
Get a guitar tuner, they cost (as far as I know) around 10-20€
It's easier to learn when you got the right tools to practice.
Yeah i got 2 tuners but they seem pretty naff, would they be affected if im using nylon strings?
I was in the same boat as you for a long time.. Just start it slow and play one or two chords at a time. I'm in a guitar class at college, and they gave us this book which helps a ****ton with not just only chords, but some theory as well. Its called Essential Elements For Guitar from the Hal Leonard Corporation. I think it was 15$ or so, awesome buy.
Sounds like my sort of book, I will have to ebay it!! I've started playing a couple of chords now, my trouble is, like most, setting high stabdards to start. I'm seriously considering re-stringing my guitar too but i've been advised, as I have a classical guitar, to get a full set of nylons as opposed to steel strings as it may affect the neck of the guitar, any suggestions?
Jack Johnson is not a great choice to start out with if you are having problems with chords - most of his stuff is barre chords, and those are bit more advanced.

There are tons of great songs that just use simple, "open" chords, and those kinds of songs are the best to work on if you are having trouble with chords or getting your speed up in transitioning chords.

I'm trying to think of a Jack Johnson type with some basic chords....

Well, how about Weezer - Island in the Sun? The basic chords are Em, Am, D and G - pretty simple strumming pattern.

Or "Friend of the Devil"? It's all G,C,D and AM...

And just looking back at your list, why don't you try "Hotel Yorba"? With the exception of an F in there in a couple quick spots, it's all open G, C and D.

There are tons of good songs like that to practice with and then you can move into Barre Chords, etc once you have your fundamentals down.
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