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Can anyone help me? First off, I have a mesa boogie dual rectifier and 2x12 oversized cabinet. When I swicth channels i get a loud popping noise. I just bought a Furman M-8L Merit Series Power conditioner because the guy at the music store told me that it would fix it. It definitly cleared my signal up and might have toned down the popping sound slightly but its still there and still really noticeable. Is there anything that i can do about it??? I was the loop active, output as the overall volume control. I crank up the master on the 2nd and 3rd channel's. Can i get a noise gate and stick it between the head and the cabinet?? So can anyone tell me how too get ride of the popping noise and have a nice smooth, quite switch between the channels????????????????????

I believe that's just in the amps circuitry. Unless you have the amp modded, I don't think there's a whole lot you can do about it.
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That's a pretty normal thing for those kinds of amps. But it should really only happen the first time you switch channels, if it's happening more than that you might have a problem though.
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That's a pretty normal thing for those kinds of amps. But it should really only happen the first time you switch channels, if it's happening more than that you might have a problem though.

yeah it happens every time i switch channels. Any suggestions how to handle it?? should i just take it somewhere and have it looked at?? Would any kind of noise gate between the head and cabinet get rid of it??
I don't think a noise gate would help at all. Maybe email Mesa about it?
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^ That. And don't put a noise gate between the head and the cab unless you wanna blow yourself up.
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I have a Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head that makes that annoying "popping" sound, too. Mine seems to make a really loud pop just once, when I hit a button on the footswitch, immediately after turning the amp on. Once I run through the channels a couple of times, via the footswitch, this popping goes away.

I was a bit concerned about this nonetheless so I called Mesa and they said:

When the amp is first turned on a DC charge is built up, and when you hit the footswitch for the first, after turning on the amp, this discharges it. The thing to do is to run through the channels a couple of times, and this should discharge everything. This discharge, and the popping associated with it, is not harmful to your amp or speakers. Just make sure that all of your volumes are turned all the way down, to minimize the volume of the popping. Even with the volumes all of the way down there will still be an audible pop. Again, I asked if this would harm my speakers, and he assured me that it would not.

The tech also said that this was a normal thing inherent in the amp.

Hope this helps.
Pretty much all high gain amps have that popping noise when switching from a high gain channel to a clean channel. It is just a by-product of the amps circuit; it's pretty much a result of switching from high gain to no-gain.

There really isn't anything you can do to directly get rid of it (and your amp is not broken). Just get use to it.

If it really, really, bothers you... one solution: buy a second amp, split your guitar signal into both amps; buy a fancy switching device to allow you to use two amps with one cab; put one amp on clean, and one amp on high gain; and when you want to switch to clean, 'switch amps'... lol... yeah, not worth it; just get use to it; after awhile you really won't notice it too much.
get an EH Hum Debugger and put it in the amp effects loop. that should kill alot of the noise but it may not fix you problem. I think what you are hearing is the relays in the amp switching. I get clicks from my hotrod when I switch channels and its just the relays popping.