I like Systematic Chaos,their newer one..Also, Train of though althoguh its softer..And if you want have a long At john petrucci as a solo artist..Glasgow kiss is a good one..

Train of Thought is the bands heaviest album, you did wrong, boi!

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If you want the best of the best DT:

Images and Words, 1992
Scenes From a Memory, 1999
Awake, 1996 (I think.)

Heavy Stuff by DT:

Systematic Chaos, 2007
Train of Thought, 2004

Underestimated Albums:

Falling Into Infinity, ????
When Dream And Day Unite, 1989

Hope that helps!
Train of Thought ****ing bores me........the only song in their disco I can listen to again and again is The Glass Prison.
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