Can anyone tell me how to tune my amp for canon rock?

I love the sound :P

Thanks in advance
There's no specific settings for that song - everybody does it differently. Just find a setting you like and use that.
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No. If you've got a crap or unsuitable amp , you can't just 'dial in' the right sound i'm afraid. Trial and error is the only way to go, since no-one else here will know what your gear's like...
I take you mean tweaking the eq etc.

Basicly you wont get the same sound if you dont have the same amp and guitar since the tone is very different from amp to amp.
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Well okay then. Amp tuning for funtwos version of canon rock? :P

Sorry, i dont intend to attempt to play the song (i really couldnt) its just i like that particular sound

My amp is a line 6 spider 3.
I suggest a new amp. Line 6 spiders aren't great and getting a tube amp would make finding the tone on canon rock much easier.