For my birthday my parents are getting me a new laptop for college and was wonderin what you guys think of this

(Go to site and click on buy in sony style for all the specs)

I like it cos the specs seem pretty good and it looks pretty snazzy also.
But i fanyone can direct me to an ewually sexy laptop thats better and possibly cheaper
alert me!
Yeah but I like the compatability and theres a fair chance I'll be using it for games and stuff!
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Yeah but I like the compatability and theres a fair chance I'll be using it for games and stuff!

Install Windows with bootcamp and use if for games, use OSX for everything else. Other than games, compatibility isn't much of a problem.
ya dude, get macbook pro...my sister has a sony viao and it's a piece of crap, you can feel the laptop shaking violently when you put a cd in and it starts to spin. get parallel desktop or something for mac and run that for all your games. and also macs are amazing for recording.
that will easily play nearly any game on full specs
vaio are meant to be quite reliable too... but all the same it's a bit pricey...
i'd go have a look at the dell xps laptops (i was thinking of buying one of those xps m1530s)
they are pretty cool and good for gaming
with dell you can also change the specs for a laptop and get rid of the things you don't really need in a laptop

Edit: oh and macbooks are amazing!
im a big fan of toshiba myself. I currently use toshiba equium a-210, and would throughly recommend it. It has an AMD processor and an ATI graphics card, which i prefer to the intel-nvidia combination in the a-200
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*sigh* get a HP laptop, best brand personally for anything computer related. i recommend a dv9000 series cheap and performance is amazing! also looks pretty dam cool as well.

its a win-win situation.
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