So I got two cabs a crate flexwave 120w cab and an marshall mg one so would any of these sound good with a 6505+ ? At least til I get enough money to buy a 6505+ cab..
Maby try a vader cab?
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I wouldn't recommend either of those cabs (the crate & MG) as optimal cabs to use your 6505 with. but thier are plenty of quality cabs out there. it's just a matter of preference.

personally, I'm a fan of 2X12 cabs. the 4X12 aren't really necessary except for you ego.

the two 2X12 cabs I would recommend is the Vader 212, which is built like a rock and comes with eminence legends for $400, or Carvin's Legacy 212 which comes with Vintage 30's for $350.

I plan to get the carvin soon and run the amp through both of them. get the big bottom end from the vader, and the mids from the carvin. all for less than what a Marshall 1960 cab would cost me. (because I don't pay for a name)
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Vader, Mesa, Orange or Avatar 2x12 would be great.

Sell those two ****ty cabs.
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