Hey there,
I want to record some of my guitar playing on the pc with a cable connecting the guitar to the pc, so I need help with chosing the software. Please help..)
audacity is a good one, and free.
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but can it record more than one instrument, for example a guitar and bass?
is it difficult to use if i am not really a pro or anything?)
I'd definitely start with Audacity, then pay for better software if you decide you like it. Check the R&R forum for more details.
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Audacity if you want free, Adobe Audition if you want to pay.
Cant believe you're recommending Audacity, its such a peice of ****! I know its free but that doesnt justify ****.

I recommend Cubase sx3 if you've got deep enough pockets. If you have a Mac you now get GarageBand free with iLife. It has some great features plus you can throw in a Line6 Toneport and bypass Apples 'not so good' amp models. I think you get Cubase free with a effects pedal, its a basic version but it believe it'll do the job.
I would go for the lexicom iomega interface you can get a 4 input one for relatively cheap and it comes bundles with cubase.
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