my girlfriend and i of 2 and a half years have never done anythign sexual before and are thinking about having sex for the first time. does anyone know if you can get STD's from oral sex or anything of that nature? thanks!
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everytime i go on google i get different info

And so you think that on a guitar forum you are going to recieve more educated responses to your sexual health questions?
Why dont you just both get tested?...and 2 and a half years without a blow job!!!! haha guess thats committment
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If neither you nor your girlfriend have previously been sexually active, then I doubt you'll catch a sexually transmitted disease. There are exceptions, obviously, but I doubt either of you have HIV.
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I dunno. One of you might have sat on the wrong toilet seat.

And yes, you can get STDs from oral. Well, whoever's doing the oral will, normally not whoever's getting. Don't let her blow you if she's got a huge cold sore on her lip, unless you really want some comic effect.

And remember to wrap that rascal!