So my intonation is screwed up. The fretted note is sharper than the harmonic and i know you're supposed to lengthen the string but i've tried bringing the saddle back towards the bridge and it has worked to a certain degree but now the saddle on my low E is as far back as it can be and still the intonation is a few hurtz out according to my tuner. Has anyone else encountered this and does anybody know how to fix it?
Only about a week but i tried to fix it when i'd just put them on, it's just taken me a week to get help, lol
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Well here's the picture. It's a fairly old second hand Dean, i couldn't tell you the serial number or when it was made or even the name, all i know is it's bright green with a bright green fingerboard and black headstock with the old Dean logo, the handwritten one. It's second hand and not actually mine, i'm using it for a while as i borrowed it from a friend and he doesn't know how to fix it up either and he bought it from a thrift store so he can't tell me the details of it. There haven't been any problems besides the intonation, it's a nice guitar with some real good bassy metal pick-ups and a full sound, it feels great to play and the action and relief are fine, it's just this damn intonation. I don't know if i need to screw around with the truss or not but i didn't want to touch it unless absolutely necessary as i know it's a fool's game to play with it so if anyone has a clue let me know
Check the nut. Improperly cut nut slots can lead to bad intonation.
no, the nut slots are fine too. I can't understand it. And i don't know if this helps but my high E tends to detune fairly quickly compared to the other strings
Was the intonation ok before you changed the strings?
It might also help to carefully check the whole length of the strings, from nut to bridge, to see if there's any obstruction or defect.
Well the intonation has been screwed since i got it at the beginning of the year so it's not a new problem, i just didn't think i'd have it long so never bothered fixing it. i have done a relief check by holding the 22nd fret and the 1st and tapping along the fretboard and it seems that everything is ok, and when i changed strings i had a long cleaning session with it and i didn't notice any kinks, bumps, dents or anything of that nature. It's probably worth taking into one of my tutors at college and giving them a look at it but i thought i'd have a go at doing it myself before taking it to someone so i could learn how to do it all properly
Did you make sure it was PERFECTLY in tune before you changed the intonation? And if it is an old guitar there's always a chance of the neck being a little warped, could be in need of truss rod adjustment.
Well it's about 2-4 hurtz out at the moment, it was about 6-8 before i altered the saddle. And yeh, i played a harmonic on the 12th, tuned it to my auto tuner then played it open and it's out. I wondered if the kneck might be warped but i checked how straight/curved it was on every string and it seemed to be ok. I'm not sure i wana screw with the truss too much just yet and i may end up doing it but i don't have access to any Allan wrenches right now coz i'm not home with my geetar repair kit
I'm a bit stumped then, have a guitar technician look at it I spose.
Yeh, it seems the best option right now. I'll get a guy at my college to take a look