My band Consists of Me Playing Electric, My Friend Singing and Harp and His brother playing Acoustic, and His Friend Playing Fretless Bass

We are gunna be doing Blues(Like Robert Johnson Blues), Electric Blues (Muddy Water)
Hard Blues (Eric Clapton, SRV) Hard Rock (Zeppelin) and other songs.
What would be some good songs that involve both Acoustic and Electric Guitar?

So Far I think we got some Neil Young, And Zeppelin (Stairway,Going to Cali)
any other songs?
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Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers
Tribute - Tenacious D
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Ramble On - Zepplin.
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anything by heart...
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Viscara (my band)
Kickapoo by Tenacious D
The Legacy by Iron Maiden (cuz it's a bloody awesome song)
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gdbye to romance -ozzy


Stairway to heaven was originally done on acoustics, but you wouldn't have the 12 string for the solo.

Maybe some beatles songs.
Crazy on You by Heart
All Along The WatchTower by Jimi Hendrix
Diary of a Madman-Ozzy
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absolutely any rock from the mid 90s. Pick a mid 90s rock band, most of their songs will have both electric and accoustic.

Good advice. Oasis is a good example, they love to play electric riffs over acoustic guitars.
Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd (You should like that one)

most Boston, Higer Power in particular.

Diary of a Madman: Ozzy (if you're into that)

Sidewinder: A7X (That's probably not your style at all)
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