i have a standard strat and i'm planning to get a new guitar

i've been looking at the Telecaster 72' Deluxe
the Highway one Tele

which one should i get?
If it was me I would go for the Highway One. It's got 22 frets, single coils for that twangy Tele sound (depending on what sound you are looking for of course), the original Tele look, smaller headstock and nitro finish body. Oh, and I'd get the maple fretboard too

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Depends, if you want a tele to be a tele. Go for the Highway one, killer guitar.

If you want a gibson shoved into a tele body go for the 72
You can't possibly expect anyone to answer that question without giving an idea of what styles you play, what you want it for, why you want a tele, what you want it to sound like. Why don't you go and try them out and see which one you like better?
Are you going to be selling your strat? If not, I'd go for the '72, because it'd give you more versatility tone wise. If you are, then the Highway 1.
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I would go with the 72, but either guitar is a winner.
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A Highway 1 tele is just a mexico telecaster with a different name.. it's probably not worth it.


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Highway, no competition.

Unless of course he wants a humbucker tone, in which case the Highway wouldn't exactly be the way to go.

It's hard to recommend anything without knowing what sound you're after :P
Try to find a 72 custom humbucker in the neck single coil in the bridge. Only guitar I have owned that I couldn't justify changing the pickups.
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A Highway 1 tele is just a mexico telecaster with a different name.. it's probably not worth it.

D= Are you kidding me. Highway 1 tele pisses all over the MIM standard.

I dont like the 72 custom, despite the bridge single, it still sounds nothing like a tele should. Plus im not a fan of U shaped necks.
i'd probably go with the 72
but i wish it was american made

how does the sound compare to a les paul
I have a standard only because I couldn't afford the 72, I would go for it, it has a lot of really good tones. With those humbuckers it can sound like anywhere from les paul to a SSH strat.
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get the 72. and whatever you do, DONT GET THE J5 TELECASTER OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

the head stock is remarkably ugly. there is another j5 tele that has THREE HUMBUCKERS AND A MIRROR PICKGUARD AND A KILLSWITCH AND MIA which is awesome and has a normal headstock so thats amazing.
i bought a 72 deluxe just the other day i love it its a fine instrument i ve never played the highway 1 but i recommend the delxe.
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A Highway 1 tele is just a mexico telecaster with a different name.. it's probably not worth it.


H1 is way better than MIM
now VM squier are as good as fender MIM, not the same thing but as good and cheaper
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wait which of the tele's are more suited for like indie, alternative, hard rock type of music

hows the distortion on the teles
or you know you can get an 08' schecter pt.

i had a 72' deluxe and returned it, because the stock pups on the schecter were much better, and the neck dove too much on the fender. just saying.

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