I read the whole painting thing stickied to the top there and i just a couple of questions i'm looking to find a cheap acoustic (not to be played) to use as an art project to strip down paint and re finish. i didnt see anything about acoustics so does anyone have any advice on how to go about removing the finish on an acoustic sandpaper perhaps? any help would be greatly appreciated
You should be able to sand the finish off, at least the clear coat. If the top has been stained any other color than natural, then you may not be able to completely get rid of the color. Obviously, the wood is thin on an acoustic. Because of this, the stain may have penetrated the wood deep enough that you would have to sand down so far making a thin piece of wood dangerously thin and easier to break. If it's just a natural finish with a clear coat of some type, then you should be able to sand it off without making the wood much thinner than it already is. If your comfortable using a 5" random orbit sander, it will make quick work out of that job. Also, if your simply going to be painting it, you may not have to remove everything down to bare wood. You may be able to either only remove the clear coat or just scuff sand the clear coat then spray a primer to give you your fresh starting point for the painting to follow. That is of course if your planning on painting. If staining, then you got to get down to the wood.