Yeah, so pretty much what it says in the title. I got the "Heima" DVD and documentary thing for christmas and i really like their music. I really like alternative/ indie type music, but sigur ros is probably the least mainstream/accessable band in the category that ive tried to get into so far so if you could let me know which album is probably the most accessable for a newb like me that would be great. thanks in advance
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sigur ros is one of my favorite groups, and i recommend ( ) as an intro. keep listening...youll be amazed how it will grow on you
whats wrong with takk? which one probably is the most accessable in terms of having more conventional rock/ electric guitar sounds? and if takk is the worst one but the most accessable, do you think someone who is new to the band would be better off with a worse but more accessable album to start off with? (like takk?)
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i don't think takk is awful at all. its not their best but its not terrible.

i still think the greatest sigur ros song is untitled 8
Agaetis plz
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yeah ( ) is probably their best, takk was a bit too upbeat for my liking, still good though. also, staralfur off agaetis byrjun is phenomenal.
So..."Takk" after "( )" then?

I got the acoustic thing the other day from a mate...it's, er, interesting to say the least.

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I think they're all worth getting, to be honest. I got Takk... first but only really got into them when I got Agaetis Byrjun and (), and now they're one of my favourite bands. They all have their major plus points - Takk has Hoppipolla and Saeglopur, () has the immense rock-out at the end of Popplagid, Agaetis Byrjun has Staralfur, Ny Batteri, Vithrar Vel Til Loftarasa...

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agaetis agaetis agaetis agaetis

untitled 8 = agaetis > the rest of ( )
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( ) is, in my opinion, their finest album, but I would definitely recommend takk to a new listener. Agaetis Byrjun is great too, but probably less accessible than takk. Having said that, I heard ( ) first.

I guess it depends how intimidated you are by listening to something entirely new.
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they are one of my favorite bands to, i got into them with Takk
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