My pickup (Dean Markley ProMag Plus) gets alot of feedback and very little volume. When I touch anything metal on my amp it completly stops (feeback) is this a ground problem. If so how do I fix it and if not what is it and how do I fix it?
I think it is a grounding issue(I'm pretty sure it is at least. I'm not an electric person though, so I can't really help you.

Best bet if you don't know how to ground it would be take it into a shop and have them deal with it. Or, you could use google.

This is all provided if someone on here doesn't help you out.
Well, it doesn't look like anyone is gonna help me out. I've searched for alot of stuff but nothing really answers anything. What should I search for?
Did you solder the wire to a jack, or do your run the cable out of the guitar?

I had the same problem with one of these. I re-wired it and it helped a lot, but I ended up just dropping the money for a better pickup eventually.
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