Hey everybody!

Okay, so im starting to plan out my first build and ive got a question. Here goes:

I've never played a p90 but i've heard some guitars played with them, i've always thought they were quite neat looking and i was thinking of putting two of them in my new project vs two humbuckers. But im not sure if they would really fit my style of playing.

I like to play more modern pop/rock, rock , my influences are Incubus, Silverchair, ect. and i play through a marshall. I'm not huge on vintage sound, and really enjoy brit distortion.

I've heard that p90s are known for their dirty sound and not so much clean. Which could be a problem.

So would p90s give me the sound i like, or would sticking with the double humbuckers be my better bet? I've tried to search around the internet for p90 sound clips, and they are pretty difficult to come by, thats why im here.

Thanks for any help!
P90s are like single-coil pickups in sound, only a little fatter. Looking at Daniel Johns' article on Wikipedia and the video for Tomorow, he's been using guitars with two humbuckers for most of his live playing, although I have no idea what he records with.

Either way, you need to play P90s before you decide to put them in your guitar. Looking up clips won't give you the full picture.
You could run a four-way switch with them wired in series as an option. Keep in mind that I have zero experience in modding and P90s, so consider this to be just an idea and to further research it yourself.
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well if u like incubus, then notice Mike's tone before/after they made 'a crow left of the murder' - he used PRS's with humbuckers before, and mostly a jazzmaster (with 2 fat single coils, much like P90s) after- that'll give u a nice idea..
and ofc, play a p90 guitar before u do it. I love'm
Some people like em some have never heard of em. I tried em and like em alot. I have a LP with a set now. But have another LP with humbuckers so versatility isnt an issue. Most anything can be played with em. And they do clean up, most arent wound as hot as humbuckers. SD has modern and vintage p90s. Im using the phat cats so can always put humbuckers back later if I want to. All you can do is try em maybe you will be a convert maybe you wont.