Hi Guys

I've got a Yamaha APX500. I'm looking to lower the action a bit but have come up against a problem.

I took the strings off and removed what I believe is called the bridge saddle (the white bit the strings rest on - I'm having a bad brain day ok), and guess what, the piezo pickup is connected to the bottom of it, so I can't file it down.

So, anyone got any ideas how I can lower the action without having to try removing the pickup connection? Or am I missing a really easy solution?


Is it actually attached to the saddle? Normally the pickup just rests against the bridge.

If it is actually attached, you can file down from the top of the saddle, but obviously thats certainly less than ideal. If you don't think you can get it off safely, I'd just take into the shop and let them deal with it. I'd much rather pay them $50 to do it then mess something up electronically.

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I have the same guitar.
To be honest i don't think there is much that you can do. When buying it theis point was raised to me but it feels right to me so it wasn't an issue.
Best thing to do would be to go to your local music shop as Yamaha customer services rarely has a clue.
If you remove the saddle there is a metal pickup directly underneath (do not pull it) however if you raise the end that's not wired down you will find 3 plastic shims underneath that can be removed to suit...