Hi, i was wondering, is a 12 string worth the hype, i have a Norman B20 acoustic ( with fishman pickup)

i Play in a band and well we play alot of songs where i just pickup the acoustic and play in the back ground, now i heard that a 12 string gets annoying if used during an entire show ( for the audience)

i would be able to get a Takamine 12 sting acoustic electric ( with the pick ups inside so i can plug it) for 600$ canadian ( 2nd hand)

do you think its worth my time to check it out, or is the price way too high for me to even bother? i do not have the model number or anything yet

If you want a 12-string go for it! It's up to you if it's worth your time or not. I do think they would get pretty annoying if someone used it through the entire show....unless your John Butler or something
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I've got a takamine 345C (I think) and I love it. I would say that it's not perfect for EVERY song, just because 12 strings don't fit with everything, but in general, it sounds pretty awesome. I absolutely love this guitar. I got it for $450 new at a Long and Mcquade, and got them to toss in a free set of strings. The pickup in it is awesome, and it's got a cutaway too. Go to a store an check it out
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