Yes what should it be i will buy a japanese ibanez in the future and would like to have good distortion and clean... i will buy a distortion pedal too.... i dont want to loud thing i will use it in my bedroom I live in turkey so dont offer too expensive things prices can go up here.
VJ or a Blackheart. Both are 5watt tube amps. BH halfstack is $300 and the combo is $280 I believe. the VJ halfstack is $250, and the combo is $150
I would like to play bands like pantera slayer metallica in flames iron maiden ac dc anything but would also like to play some blues and rock i doesnt have to be super quality but i need to go with it for a long while
oooh..well for metal bands...hmm..I dont think the VJ nor the BH will cut it for metal, unless you have an OD pedal. Try those 2 out at the store with an OD PEDAL, NOT DISTORTION.
and see if you like the sound that comes out.

I was thinking Peavey VK royal 8, but I'm not sure how good those are.
my good man me and you have simlar taste
Id say get solidstate if your on a budget or dont plan on playing really loud
if solidstated id say get this randall and a metal muff
should give you a nice sound for the music u mentioned
happy if i helped at all
hmm what do you think about ibanezs my friend has it and its quite good i have a 10 watt ibanez 15 watt was nice really what you think about it? ibanez 15 watt is something like 180 dollar here
ouch :O $180!?. I don't think Ibanez makes such good amp, maybe for practicing, but sooner or later you're going to get tired of the tone you get from it.
Yea thats how the prices are here eg: a marshall AVT20 is 500$ how much is it in your county? and how is it for the play style i mentioned?

and btw. that rosie in your sig. is sexy :P
lol thanks
I don't think they sell those in the stores I go to (samash, GC)
but a Marshall AVT100 combo is $630
ow damn they are like 1000 $ here :@ so i may go with a Roland Cube 20x what you say? is it too digital? because a guy in a shop said it works with a sound card in it? and some chips for the sound effects i think. what you think about it i looked in the sticky topic and for my price range its a good "high gain" amp...