In my woods class i'm building a PRS doublecut style guitar. One part on it is only 1/8" thick. I've recently finished carving the top, routing the back, and drilling all of the necessary holes. So after I make the cover for the back cavity and sand it so it's nice and smooth i'm ready to finish.

Now I really want to protect it and make it durable when I put finishing products on it. I've put a lot of time, money, and labor into this project and I don't want that 1/8" thick part to break. So all I know that i'm doing so far is staining it with 1 coat and putting 6-7 layers of clear coat on it.

So is there anything else that I should be doing to it to better protect it or make it look nicer?
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what part is only 1/8 inch thick?

Where the cavity for the electronics is, there's only an 1/8" thick piece of birdseye left.
Make sure the jack is in the side, rather than the top, it's much more likely to break the 1/8th thick part eg:when you stand on a lead or something,compared to say, the pots. you could cut a piece of thin plywood or sheet metal to size and slot it in the routing to thicken it up a bit, i think, if cutting it that thin was an accident.
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