The Beefy slinkies (11,15,22p,30,42,54.)

Would they be ok on a 24.75 scale length, in D Standard as well as AEAGBe, so like half drop A, The guitars a LP100 so the g string isnt great at staying in tune so I guess the 22 would help in D standard.

I dont want to go to 12s or above, because of the Standard high 3, or would I be ok with the Heavy Bottom High Tops (10-13-17-30-42-52)?

At the monent, ive got the Power Slinkys (11-14-18-28-38-48) In everything from standard to Drop B fine for my preferences anyway.

Cheers, I'l probably just buy both sets anyway and try them out, but thought Id ask first.
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If you aren't tuning any string higher than it would be in standard EADGBe, then any strings from .008's to .013's are definitely fine, though you may need to adjust the truss rod of your guitar if you're switching from a light set to a heavy set or vice versa.
you could buy some strings for a 7 string and not use the lightest one, wich would give you a wound G string wich may stay in tune better?... also i have the heavy bottom skinny top strings, they are pretty good.