I just recorded another sound clip of my Carvin V3 if anyones interested, I had more up but I deleted them. Anyways check out the new one, I always see alot of threads asking about them so if anyone has some questions I'd be happy to answer as best as possible. The clip is in my UG profile so just click my username to hear it.
Sounds good! I wouldn't add much more bass to your tone, it'll start to sound too muddy. Glad to see you're liking the V3.
Yeah thanks, Like I said I like it I just can't say I'm completely happy with it.
i was completely happy with mine but at times it does sound like a jar of bees at times lol-i do think its better than Rectos tho because they do sound quite similar..only other thing is it lacks a little bit of gain for me (adding too much makes it really fuzzy). im running 2 heads together the 6505 and v3 which gives a pretty brutal sound and really liquid gain as you can imagine.
I put up a Lead clip of the V3, The Lead tone is really nothing special but some people wanted to hear it so its up by popular demand.....
I just re-did the lead clip again I'm happier with this one I was rushing yesterday to put it out and did'nt get a chance to play with the settings. So today I added some bass took down the treble a little and took out some presence. I added a backtracking this time around.(Only the Lead is done with the V3)