Hey guys, just a quick question regarding the foot switch of this amp. I've read that you don't actually have to use the Vox footswitch, but any dual switch will work with it.

But I read the manual word for word and I couldn't find anything about whether the switch has to be mono or stereo.

I assume it's stereo, but I just want to confirm before going out and purchasing one.

why not just get the vox foot pedal. Or do u want more than 2 settings on it?
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It's because the store I am going to doesn't have it in stock, and it's more expensive =/
Well, the Vox footswitch has a stereo TRS Jack connection, so i'd assume that any 2 button footswitch with that connection would work. My Vox footswitch (the one for the AD50VT) works with my Laney VC30, so i guess its no different from anything else.
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If you can, try the cheaper dual foot-switch out in the store, through your amp.

You'll know quickly if it works or not.

Quote by MacAdam
why not just get the vox foot pedal. Or do u want more than 2 settings on it?

The foot switching capabilitites are designed into the amp. You won't get more settings or functions out of a different foot-switch.
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