Hi you guys.
Me and my friends are settin up a new band.
We'll call her "Pe@cE".
I made a new Logo i want you to watch it please and respond.
Thx. Alon
And please tell what music you think youll hear in it.
Classis rock/ punk rock/ electronic music and other stuff.
~"When your heart stops beating, your alive again - PEACE"~
Wow! A band named after my last name! Cool! Stick with Classic rock, man! No other way to rock!
First thing - (I see its not in the logo) but why did you use the '@' symbol for the 'a'. In my opinion it looks really cheesy and dare I say noobish. What's wrong with just Peace?

I do like the logo. It is interesting. You made that all yourself? It is a cool drawing (except the peace sign and Peace name look extremely tacked on.)

For obvious reasons your band sounds like something out of the sixties (are you sure this name isn't copyrighted? hah) I think of classic rock/psychedelic or just some smooth, (peaceful) rock n roll.
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Thx guys, i will call it Peace without @ and.. my friend gave me this paint he said he did it and i put the peace :P maybe he can do it more professionaly.. i'll what music ill have and i might open a myspace to put the music over there.. ill write it here soon.. Thx again.
~"When your heart stops beating, your alive again - PEACE"~