Well, i've been playing alot of KsE recently, and like they do, they use a lot of pinch harmonics on the thick E string, but whenever i play it, i never get a clean sound like when i do a PH on another string..

Anyone know how to improve the sound ?

Thnks !
When I try to get pinches on the thick E string, I have to hold the pick differently. I have less of the pick exposed to my thumb is closer to the string
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You also need a lot of treble and presence, and make sure your guitar is well set up. Fretting out will kill your pinch harmonics.

EDIT: ^ don't dig in that hard, just enough to get that squeal. If you dig in too much, you'll probably end up muting it with your thumb unless you're real careful.
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Practice doing them on a clean setting. I know it doesn't sound as cool but playing with a ton of gain will make you practice less once your able to achieve a decent PH. If you practice to the point where you can get goo PH's anytime you want on a clean setting, then you'll be golden when you've moved up to a gain channel. Good luck
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thanks for that!, will keep practicing, im starting to get em, but not as loud >.<
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Practice them on a clean channel. Get them good so the notes sound like clicks. Them do it with Distortion.

i've been doing that for like a million times..still sounds ****e >.<