(Basketball btw for anybody whose confused.) Well its almost time for the BIG game, but we still got two to go. So who do you think will make it there? Personally I think Memphis and North Carolina, they seem to be the two toughest teams in the league. Opinions?
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Well, when I'm fapping, I sometimes look at my left hand and wonder what could have been ....

we have been sh*t on by the entire country!!

they still say were crap, no matter our one loss. and personally i think our fans are way better than any other teams, both in behavior and spirit.

Go Big Blue!!
hey you,
see me,

hard work solves everything (Dan Gable)

shine on you crazy diamond
we miss you Syd
im winning the bracket competition.

I think its gonna be unc memphis.

A;;though memphis is so streaky sometimes its hard to tell.
Ucla VS UNC. UCLA's defense is crushing everyone, NC is scoring like 85 points per game...
UCLA wins 69-62