that comercials hilarious! why would a pig need a condom? and why would he turn into a man when he gets it?
sry, but idk, sorry for the useless post
i kno that commercial!!
i dont remember the song tho

edit: wow^^
i like the commercial actually
UG's condensed package of adrenaline

i am not liable for anything stated above
▼ but he is ▼
that commercial is very wierd. and i didn't listen to thensong
sorry fora wasteof tyme doing thi reply
i read that the song was specifically written for that commercial
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.