Why hello there everyone.
I've had my guitar for a couple years and I'm just wondering what I can do to improve my skills. I'm really not that great of a player. I can play parts of some tabs, but trickier things I have to play slow, and I don't think I even play them correctly. I know a couple of scales (C major, and C blues minor), and I can somewhat play them. I know how to play power chords, barre-chords, and most major open-string chords.
I really haven't seen any growth in my skills for quite a while. I'm just completely stuck. My fingers don't even seem "in shape". I've read a few of the lessons here, but they didn't seem to help much.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
just look up difficult tabs, listen to different types of music, find an influence, make goals, etc
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
i used UG actually.. for everything i know now lol... it helps. it helped me.. but im a noob still too we can be noobs together
if you cant inspire yourself, i recommend getting a good teacher...get involved in the scene by talking to lots of musicians in the area and just jam mannnn
look for some simple finger warmups and stretches, then practice them at first slow, to a metronome and work up your speed.
Find some ppl in your local area to jam with. It'll help bring structure to your playing amongst other things.
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