I need something cheep and effective to take my music from my guitar to the computer.
Sudgestions and advice are greatly appreciated.
M-Audio makes an interface that sells for around $100 at Best Buy. It comes with a recording program (forgot what it's called) that has drum loops already in it.

A friend of mine has it, and at first I was skeptical - but it turned out to be a pretty useful tool

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the line 6 tone port isnt that bad, its digital but the advantage of it is that
it has tonnes of amp models, cabs stomp boxes etc.

and you dont need a mic to record you just plug your guitar straight in!

this means youll save $$$
and not only that, you can also record your stuff in noisy areas, without affecting your recordings

heres a pretty good clip of the tone port


im planning on buying this because where i live is very noisy, and i also dont have much money...

you could go with firewire interface, or multitrack etc. but then you would have to get mics (SM57 are great) and you also have to have a quiet recording space that has decent acoustics. Youll get much better quality recordings this way but it takes a lot more time and effort and $$$