donno if you've heard any of our music before but could you give us some feedback on our new song THIRD TIME LUCKY.... i know it sounds empty as we cant record our whole band so just vocals and guitar.. feel free to add us


Thnx C4C

The Laces
Hey Patrick,
Thanks for the kind words.

As for 3rd time lucky,
I liked the whole idea of the song. Lyrics were pretty good also!!!

As for the recording, well you already know that it can improved. For one, the guitar tone could be much better. Right now it sounds really bassy.

I would love to see you finish this song by adding some bass,drums,or lead guitar.

third time lucky
wasn't really my cup of tea but it wasn't half bad i would like to hear more bass and drums but it half bad also work on your timeing i heard that your a bit off in some parts
Not bad, sounded like a modern ballad with a touch of David Byrne thrown in there. Agree with Metal that drums and bass would take your tune to a higher level...but good tune, and catchy!

I like, it's kinda down my ally. To me, it seems it has kind of a Tom Petty feel to it, but anyways, keep it up!
The vocals are pretty good. They go outta key a little bit here and there, but there still good. The quality is terrible and the tone of the guitar is way to bassy, but like you said on your myspace there just crappy mic recordings. Over all you got potential amd your lyrics are really good. So improve your vocals, get better recording stuff, and get some good bass and drums in there and you'll be a good band. Keep it up. Could you add me on myspace leave me a comment. That would be sweet. www.myspace.com/allornothingtunes. Peace out.
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