im planning a les paul style thinline sorta guitar with 3 puckups. woundering though, with a 3 way pickup selector, wich pickups will be on when the switch is in what possition?? (on a standard 3 pickup black beauty layout)
I saw the jimmy page reissues LP custom with the 6 way selector wich would be ideal but probably near impossible to find. is it??
Usually, if it's got a three-way switch, it'll be neck-middle-bridge.

I think you can mod it for Jimmy Page switching if you want, but you need to put a second switch in.

What Page has is a three way switch that chooses neck - neck+bridge - bridge, and the switch can also be titled sideways to add the middle pickup to each position.
if it is a three way switch it probobly is Neck-Middle-Bridge yes.
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what about his original custom? just neck middle & bridge?no combos between them?

Shortly before it was stolen he added two switches for extra pickup combinations. Prior to that though it was just standard 3 way switch.

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