To play on my amp if my tubes are going bad? My tubes on my 5150 II are really old and are going bad, but they really only start acting up if I play on it at about 3 1/2 or higher for about 20 min and the tubes start warming up. Thnx.
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Quote by Horlicks
Buy new ones?
Holy **** never thought of that. I'm not gonna be able to get new ones for another week or 2 so is it ok to play on it until then?
I don't think it will matter much, better wait for someone who knows what they are talking about
i believe the worst that could happen is possibly a tube being finally blown just from it being so old and used up completely. but then you'd have to wait for new tubes till u could play it again. hmmm i guess you'll have to keep it low wattage for a while till u get new tubes. or just eBay some and get really fast delivery like a champ.
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