i've been teaching myself how to arpeggio and i grasped the left hand movements (right-handed guitarist) it's just muting the strings properly. it needs to sound clean from note to note. i have learned "arpeggios from hell (y.j.m.)" or at least the chorus, and i can't get it to sound clean enough. of course, it sounds like i don't know what i'm doing, these are just words afterall.

so here is the question.

does the quality of the strings make that much of a difference in how these muted notes sound; could muting outweigh the factor of sh**ty old strings?
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You're talking about sweep picking. While arps can be played with the sweeping technique, they do not have to be.

I'm a strong believer in "It ain't the arrow" theory, but if you're just learning the technique, your skills should not be expected to overcome terrible equipment.
Quality of strings, I dunno, I used to use 9's, they were decent for sweeping, but most other stuff, they're just too flimsy, I say try 10's and 9's back and forth and see which is better, the rule is the heavier the string the more tone you get, so you decide I guess.

/run-on sentence
i'll take that note on the strings, size that is, thank you.

but damn, miss, don't take me as a fool. i know about arpeggios, i'm just asking about strings. i haven't changed them in about 6 months and i'm broke haha.

just wondering if i'm muting the notes correctly.