Hi everyone. I recently just bought a an Ibanez RG 270DX. I can't really find a whole lot of info on it. If it helps, it has VRG written on the back and it has gold hardware and some kind of funky single locking Floyd.

Anyways, I was just wondering if any of the Ibanez guys on here can help me out with the specs like wood, ect. I'm mostly just interested in the trem and what kind it is. thanks.
Basswood body, wizard II neck, powesound pickups, one of those terrible ILT bridges. Probably korean made.
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Willplayforfood, that's cool. Hmmm...ILT. Never heard of it lol. I gues have to search it.

Hey WFPF, how old's yours? Does it hold tune good? Right now, mine's in Drop-C which Im not too fond of, so I'm probably gonna adjust the bridge/whatnot up to D-standard later. I'm pretty happy with it right now, but the whole single locking deal has me worried. But the neck/body are ace. So maybe I'll keep it and put in a Drop-Sonic/Air Norton like Petrucci and maybe swap out for a OFR or Schaller.
IT holds tune except I had problems with it when I first got It changing the strings(( because I didn't know I was suppose to change them one at a time. Otherwise it plays flawlessly and looks even better.