Ok so that's the amp that I'm looking at buying...the MAG-c210t300EVOII

I think I'm pretty set on ASHDOWN as the company to buy from, since they have the best tone/ speaker quality for the money. I'm just wondering if I should get one like the amp shown with the head unit built in or just buy a cab and add the amp on later??

And should I be looking at another amp? I wanna get a Muse fuzz sound with some killer low ends but I also want the highs to be heard :/

Well, if you just buy a cab without an amp, you won't be able to run it...

I would recommend a 4x10, or a 4x12. Both would work well for you. Have you tried out many bass amps in your price range? (Which is what, by the way?)
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If thats the electric blue amo i was going to order it but was told that it blew easily and thats why the shop didnt stock them im not sure though
I have a Fender J/P set up its the Frank Bello Sig.
I've tried a few of the Fender combos, but I don't think I wanna go Fender, cuz the fender amp I have now has this irritating buzz that I can easily play over, but when I don't it is sooooo annoying. So all in all no Fender, and I think I tried an Orange Box amp the other day, but wasn't quite sold on it.... and the new Line 6 bass amps I've tried but didn't exactly like them either sooo all in all I'm kinda still looking for something really versatile. I play a bunch of Punk, Metal, Pogressive stuff ( Muse, Blink, Avenged, Coheed, Angels and Airwaves obviously) but stuff like that.....
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Anyway for the amp I would definetely have a look around at all the amps on offer. There are some good makes out there that are just unknown.

I would get a muse fuzz sound from a big muff pi or something similar. You could get an amp with effects galore or a multi effects pedal though. You might even find a similar sound you prefer!

Search for "fuzz pedals" - www.musewiki.org has everything muse you can find on the net, it may help you.
I'm looking at amps in the 300-400 range 500 is pushing it, but I'm looking for something I can potentially gig with at smaller venues...