ok so maybe this is the wrong place for it, but I'm gonna start playing classical. But on my electric guitar. Reasoning behind this is i'm joining the beginners classical guitar ensemble at school next year, and i want to be really prepared (as in, leave the class really shortly to the intermediate or advanced). I already read music, both treble and bass clef. My only problem is finger picking, I find this difficult on my electric, and I don't have any money to buy an acoustic. How should I go about doing this?

I think the first song I am going to try to play is Minuet in G, by Bach, because i remember that from my piano and violin days.
Minuet in G

EDIT: my ultimate goal is to fuse blues, rock and classical into one little playing style that i can call my own.
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you have to be gentle if you finger pick on an electric, but still use the style of fingerpicking
remember its an electric therefore it picks up on every little thing
^What he said.

Keep the volume knob on the guitar low, don't use any effects like reverb or distortion, and be mindful of string noise. It's very difficult to keep the strings quiet when you fingerpick on an electric. That aside, technique-wise it should be basicly the same.
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Classical guitars have a higher action and wider spacing between strings to facilitate fingerpicking. Although practicing on an electric might help slightly, the classical guitar will have a completely different feel and requires an adjustment in technique. I don't want to discourage your ambition for advancement but classical is almost ALL fingerstyle and it doesn't happen overnight. Classicals can be bought for cheap! $100 bucks used. They might not be great quality but the proportions will be the same and you'll be entering the class with some familiarity. Renting might be an option. Talk to the leader/instructor they might know someone with a spare to lend you.