So today I'm going to Gamestop to trade in all my old Xbox games and a few PS2 games for some cash.

Does anyone know if there's a certain amount of games you can trade in, what trade-in prices usually are, and if I'll get ripped off or not?
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No limit, but you will certainly get ripped off.

Ive traded in like $250 dollars of stuff for 1 copy of battlefront 2. Worst mistake ever. Not that battlefront 2 was bad, but I took a 4/5 loss.
You'll be taken advantage of, without a doubt.

If you still want to try and trade things in store-wise, your best bet is someone working a Pawn Shop that doesn't know what they're doing.

I'd suggest ebay or something.
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Ive done this before so, You usually get more if its a more recent game of if the store doesnt have many copies of it. I got like $15 for my copy of Psychonauts which I only paid $30 for. But yeah usually you have to sell alot of stuff to get a good amount of cash from a store like that.
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gamestop will rape you silly....

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Good Deals:


sell em to your friends or some kids at school for 25 each, you get ripped off bigtime at gamestop
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prepare to get about a fourth of what their actually worth and about a fifth of what they will turn around and sell it for
From my experience, gamestop isn't that bad, it's EB Games that rapes you. I've actually gotten more money than I thought I should for some of my games.
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From my experience, gamestop isn't that bad, it's EB Games that rapes you. I've actually gotten more money than I thought I should for some of my games.

doesnt Gamespot = Eb Games?
its like 2-5 dollars a ps2 or xbox game
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...Gamestop... if I'll get ripped off or not?

yes. My cousins got 60 cents for every GameCube game he had Then he traded in the rest for cash... got $9.60 for 16 games but I think they do kind of rip you off no matter what system you have…
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I traded in some of my old gamecube games there so I could have money for Army of Two, and I ended up paying 9 dollars for it. Gamebube, Xbox, And PS2 games aren't in high demand right now, that's why you don't get alot of money from them.
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You would be far better off selling them on eBay or to friends or something.

They don't give you good money for your games, and neither does any other sort of game store.
doesnt Gamespot = Eb Games?

EB = Gamestop.

Gamestop bought out the company a year or two ago. It's still the same store, really, just a different name and, I'm sure, tweaked policies.
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Gamestop (which I can imagine is much like GAME in the UK) don't rip their customers off. They give a fair price for an outdated, out-of-demand title in your posession. You should be happy they're willing to take them off your hands.

PS2 and Xbox are only just last gen, which means that they have absolutely no vintage or cult value to any of the titles. The titles that are still popular on those machines will undoubtedly be sitting on the shelves already.

Getting £3 for a 6-year-old game isn't a rip off. You can;t honestly believe that you're going to get almost what you paid for it after all this time? Gamestop would go out of business if they did that.
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My Brother got £18 for some really reallly really dreadful lego game which i could have made.
then i bought ~£2 with his £18 and we got some football game!

The look on the guys face though when it came up with £18 was priceless, he didnt stop to to get someone's help as the machine had ****ed up

we went in again to ask how much on trade in for it about a week later and they would have given us like £3.

Trading in games to game stores like that is a rip-off no matter what. Unless it's just a ****ty old game nobody will ever buy but them...even then you'll get maybe $1 credit. Sell them on here, a lot of people already do it.
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