alright, so i'm trying to install a game on my computer, put the DVD in the tray, start up the setup.exe, but while it's configuring the installeshield or whatever, it always gives me this error

"Error 1327.Invalid Drive: F:\".

i don't even have a drive F:\! what can i do to fix this? I want to play the game!
1) Don't bother, the game is terrible (sadly I was stupid enough to buy it when it came out...for the graphics, and they weren't even that good)
2) Did you buy the game or burn it?
3) What drive is it trying to install to? Make sure it's C:/ because if it's trying to install to F:/ you're goin nowhere.
Drive F is usually an input device such as an MP3 player or something.
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make sure your installing to C:/
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i can't even decide what drive i'm installing it to, because the only prompt i get after clicking Setup.exe is the language selecter. then it gives me that error.
Don't bother.

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Don't bother.

Old Dooms> Doom 3. By a lot.

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