Ok I really wanna learn how to play something by Andy McKee. I have chosen a couple songs, Into the Ocean, Drifting, Heather's Song, and For my Father. There are some problems though.

Into the Ocean is out because I don't have a harp guitar, Drifting is out because my limb interdependence is horrible (thats why I don't play drums, so that leaves Heather's song and For my Father. The problem with those two is that they are in really strange tunings. I retuned my guitar for heather's song one day, and that broke the strings. So im really stumped.

Plus I can't really learn the song from the youtube videos, i need to find some tabs or lessons some place. help anyone?

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I'd say start with some easier fingerstyle/percussive musicians to work on your limb interdependence. Most Trace Bundy stuff is pretty straight forward and will help with that a lot.

When I learn a new song, I usually try to get my left hand technique down first, then slowly work in the right hand stuff. It can take a while to get it down, but once you do it's sweet.