10th song.

This is the second part of a Melodic/Thrash trilogy I'm writing. It's more acoustic based, and the riffing is much more lighter, probably the lightest metal song I've written. Also includes two solos, and is more lead driven than any of my previous works.

Crit for crit, as always. Enjoy (or not).
Machinations pt.2.zip
That was quite awesome, overall.

As usual, the acoustic work was top notch. The soloing was all excellent (I really liked the last solo, especially). H through J really stood out to me, and K was really cool too, cause it reminded me of your older more black metal stuff.

The only thing I have to say... I just wasnt too fond of the intro until the lead came in, I think I'd start it right with the lead. I just thought the rhythm was a little too weird. *shrugs*
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As if part 1 wasn't awesome enough, you had to continue it with such epic song . Contrary to what Burning_Angel said, I like how the song starts, but that may just be me as I'm used to hearing folk and power metal . It also serves as the perfect transition from part 1.

The acoustic was solid, the lead was really nice, and the progression really flows well. The only thing I would change is the repetition at bar 70, since I think 8 bar is enough. Or, you could also put some mini-solo that leads to the acoustic part, if you want to use 16 bars.

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The intro was very Agalloch remiscent.

Criting as I listen:

The acoustic solo was very nice, or it might've just been a high melody. Then the first riff with the solo...

Like the intro, very Agalloch remiscent, and I like it...a lot. Then the acoustics after that, very nice overall. The drumming here is very good and fitting, kind of atmospheric at the same time. For some reason the solo after the acoustics reminded me of Casper

The rest is solid.

Overall, 9.2/10 (yay for obscure awards).
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i'm loving the acoustics, and the solo is perfect! the drums fit but are kind of plain and unexciting, but overall this is good stuff dude
I have some songs up so if you could give them some crit that would be awesome