what can i do to improve me controlled tremelo picking? i can tremelo pick fast enough , but when I have to play certain amount of notes I always overplay them.
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Some advice is to be relaxed as possible and have as least tension in your arm as possible i have seen many guitarists speed up there picking only to watch their arm quiver under the tension. Try to only use your wrist and find a comfortable postion. Using a metronome is a must and starting off slowly and gradually increasing to your limit. As your said with overplaying, and if a metronome is unavailable at the time for any reasons, french counting names are great beacuse you can hear yourself if you go out of time. A little off subject but before when nightraven said anchoring is a bad habit i have to disagree. There are many greats who use their own technique and ive had many professional teachers tell me that if its comfortable and you can reach good speeds with little tension it will work for you, i dont see a problem with it. Back to the original question, things like action, pickup type, amp gain, fret scale and length, string gauge and even pick gauge can have effects on your tremelo picking. Also try using the clean channel of your amp with a dry signal (no effects) to hear what you are really playing. Hope this provides some insight to your requests.