Well, well, I haven't posted in here for ages. heh

Heres something from me. Its inspired by... bands who make heavy use of keys and pianos and stuff like that, and of course the need to have something thats not thrash or metal in this forum hehe.

I dunno what you'd call it genre wise so let go with ... Rock/Alternative/possible proginess. Its not finished so who knows how it'll turn out.

Rip it apart if you must, Also open for ideas on how to continue.
Riff L 7 - Pianoforte.zip
I thought it was great, the only part I didn't like was at the beginning in the first 30 seconds, the part where there are short bursts of notes with rests in between. If it were up to me, I'd add a soft note of a slightly higher pitch in there, just to carry it through with subtlety... Then again, I've only been playing for a few weeks so I don't know much.

But crit for crit, right?
Thanks for the crit!
In the intro, I think it would work better if the second and fourth bar were in 3/4. 'Twas the only part I didn't enjoy. Finish this peice, I would love to hear it.
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What were you going for? It's pretty upbeat and refreshing. The high note at the end of the 1st bar seemed a little eccentric. In bars 6-10 I feel instead of rests it should be held notes to keep it flowing. Bars 11-14 were my favorite. The song covered like the whole journey of begining middle end in what seemed like a short time which is good and bad if you wanted it to be a full song, because it seems to resolve which to me means ending. Good but not overwhelming 7/10.
It was sort of awkward until the full drums came in, but after that it was pretty good. The only problem was that the parts excluding the piano and the drums seemed very boring, and I really wouldn't want to be playing that part myself. It all sounds like a solo piano piece with a minor backing band, which I guess it might be, but I'd make the bass parts and guitar parts more interesting (don't use semibreve notes on the bass either, give it some rhythm).
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I feel like 15-18 are very unneeded.

Also, it looks like you're staying constricted by guitar playing on the piano part. I'm seeing a lot of powerchord shapes.

Also, at 5, instead of making it that choppy, you could give that part to the jazz guitar and let the piano keep playing a nice under-rhythm. Just make sure the guitar stands out over the piano.. And I wouldn't bring the guitar up... Take the piano down some.

And to continue, you could take the last 2 measures, repeat them some more, but put a guitar part that does the same thing(rhythm-wise) on different notes.