ok, guys, i've been wondering....

i've seen several pics of fender P-Basses in the last few days in which the pickups are set up so that the inside of the pup (under the A and D string) is closer to the strings than the outside (under the E and G string). Is there a good reason for this? Does it make some difference that I might like to have for my P?
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makes your low-end come through better, I think..... Thats just what I've heard, mine are even.
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My P-bass came like that. I had to change it though, because it felt weird to rest my thumb on it. It does make E string real boomy though.
I think it's like that so that it follows the curve of the strings, usually the A and D are set up higher because of the fretboard radius. It helps keep a consistent volume between strings.
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