Basically looking to start recording and looking for cheap gear.
Will consider anything.
Cheers guys
I use a Korg ax1000g into cakewalk guitar tracks 2 and use acoustica beatcraft for drums.

Could get the lot for £200 ish
The korg ax1000g is an effects pedal isn't it.
I don't need one of those I'm afraid, but thanks for the offer.
Well, i record by simply having a lead going from my amp line out into my computer line in. That's for guitar, for bass you could use MIDI or VST's and drums for drums I use Beatcraft.

You should be able to get a VST for Bass Free on the net. As for Beatcraft, you could probably get it illegally or just buy it for £20-40.
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I don't have a line in. Thats one of my problems.
So looking for external soundcards, pre-amps for mic's, digital recorders. Whatever does the job for not too much money generally.
Buy a Zoom H4, 4 tracks digital recorder. You can get them for about £150 on eBay, they do great sounding recordings without even connecting them to a computer at all, you can also run them as a USB interface and modelling software into computer recording software for even better recording.