I'm selling my Ibanez RG370. Just bought it 6 weeks ago at Woodwind and Brasswind for $450 but have decided I don't want to deal with the double locking trem. It's in excellent condition, it's practically brand new. Would like to get $325 plus shipping, I'm also looking for a tube combo amp if anyone is looking to trade. Specs:

-Basswood body
-Sharktooth inlays
-Bound rosewood fingerboard
-Edge III double locking trem
-3pc Wizard II neck
-INF3 neck pickup
-INFS3 mid pickup
-INF4 bridge pickup

that paint job looks alot better than on the website
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Hawt paint job. Too bad about the bridge.
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i frankly hate the paint job, and with the bridge no ones gonna want it bro.
but because i love wizard necks you get the free bump
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Oh well, now the empty shell of what used to be chocolaty goodness can contain a tasty guitar circuit.

speaking of my homemade pedal