I am debating between two guitars, a schecter and an Ibanez. I really like the schecter i'm looking at, but i do not want a sucky tremolo that goes out of tune a lot. I have had experience with the Ibanez Edge Pro, and know that it maintains tuning excellently, which is the reason i might rather have the Ibanez. If the schecter with the tremolo maintains tuning as well as the Ibanez, I'd rather have it, but I do not know how well their tremolo is. Please tell. I really like the schecter but will take the ibanez instead if trem is not good.

Guitars choosing from:
Ibanez RG1570
Schecter Stiletto Classic
I had to get a replacement after I broke my G string. What a pain in the ass!
EG Forum maybe, you don't seem like a newbie.

To answer your question, I thknk the Schecter Guitar trem has a decent amount of quality to it, but the Ibanez is better.
When it comes to being in tune, i am strict. In a store, the guitars are usually not set up and noobies jack up the tuning. It is hard to tell while using the trem in store because they almost never work because they are typically not set up well. That is why i want to hear from someone that has owned guitars with the trems I am questioning

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to answer your question you will have to go to a store and try it out, however i feel that the quality of the tremelo is less important than how comfortable you are playing it. the schecter doesn't necessarily have a bad tremelo, it just isn't locking. this isn't a major problem that should manipulate whether or not you would want to purchase this guitar.

you seem to be biased towards the schecter when it comes down to the playing. imo how the guitar feels is a lot more important than a slight burden of having to tune the guitar a bit more.

if you look at the price of the two guitars, you can see that the schecter costs a fair amount more so what you could consider is spending the extra money you saved on the ibanez on some better pickups, for example.

thanks for your suggestion. I do generally like the feel of schecters better than Ibanez, but it is really not that big of a difference (as opposed to strat vs les paul for instance). Also, you were correct in my mind about price compensation; i would switch out the pickups in the ibanez for d-activator bridge/evo middle and neck, but with the schecter the EMGs are satisfactory
I had to get a replacement after I broke my G string. What a pain in the ass!
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