i was thinking about getting one but im not sure which one would be the best one

i really like the Schecter hellraiser 7 string but are there any other high quality guitars?
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hmm... Ibanez Apex ....
i believe there are a few jacksons which are 7string....
oh yeah Cort..... idk the guitar models, just chk out their website...

A custom shop ESP.

The best in the ~$1000 range?

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Well, if you're on a big budget, look at companies like Caparison and Vigier.

If you don't have that much money look towards guitars like the older Ibanez RG's.

Take the RG7620; Japanese made, Lo-Pro Edge 7 bridge and DiMarzio pickups. They can be found on ebay and they're not too expensive.
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I personally have to disagree. The Best I would say would be a custom from companies like Conklin, Bernie Rico Jr., KxK, Sherman Guitars, Blackmachine, etc. Though it all comes down to personal preference...

Ya, those are all ones I forget, but I see them mentioned on SS.org all the time.