You mean the bridge? Putting your hand there is normal when picking, as long as you aren't palm muting notes that you don't want palm muted!
It not bad to rest your hand on the bridge (what the metal things called), and if it helps your accuracy, theres nothing wrong with it.
allright thanks every oen cause on my friends guitar his bridge is different and i cant play n early as good on his (its a peavy raptor lol)
I do it. It's fine. Helps my picking accuracy. Plus for palm mute riffs I only need to move my hand a bit upwards and not actually be positioned different.
yea whenever im playing some fast stuff i rest it on there and it really helps my pick attack just make sure yout not muting strings
check out a new right hand technique!

have you heard of anchoring?

rest your fourth and fifth fingers on the body of your guitar, a couple inches lower than your highest string. It works great for things like sweeping, or even the few picked notes for hammer on's and pull off's

there's obviously nothing wrong with the way you play as long as you have clarity. have you seen zakk wild? his right hand is... ugly to look at, but he plays really well
do whatever feels comfortable for you. there are plenty of great guitars that dont follow the "proper form"
I play like that. It never felt quite as comfortable to me to anchor my fingers on the body of the guitar.
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