i recently bought a Laney VC50 for £120 and absolute steal and really like it. The only issue i have with it (apart from being blue and fury) is that there always seems to be some treble that i cant dial out and am always using it on 3 or less.

Ive heard of a mod to sort this out. Apparantly there is a capacitor somewhere that basicly takes some treble frequencies and bypasses the control. I found some schematics and think ive found it. I was wondering the best way to fix this. Should I:

A: Simply remove the capacitor- i wouldve thought it seems too simple but i cant imagine any problems that would cause apart from maybe neeeding to alter something somewhere else as it will have more treble going through it i dunno.

B: Cut the return side of the capacitor and wire it to earth.

C: Something different. I have tried my eq pedal but just isnt sounding any good.

heres a link to the schematics


the cap im talking about it C10 on page 4 (ive been on about the drive channel all the time i didnt make clear).
i think there is also a similar thing in the clean channel - C7 on page 3.

I like the brightness of the clean channel and would like to leave that as it is but if im wrong about that would cutting that one on page 4 affect both channels.

Im no expert so just wanted to get some advice and see what you think.

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What kind of valves are you using in the amp and how old are they?

I changed my valves from an old set of Sovteks when I bought my VC50 and it got rid of a lot of the harshness!
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ooh might help....... the valves arent too old but cheap. the power tubes are mesa el34s but the preamp tubes are diff. I think 3 are totally blank and bought from a computer shop lol (2nd hand and not changed them since). and the other three are =C='s. All 12ax7s. I did change one of the preamp tubes after i bought it with an unbranded spare he gave me. Was kinda bummed as the one i had to take out was a Mullard. But if you look at the schematic theres definetley soething that would mean some treble cannot be dialed out.
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Hmmm. Well, I changed from Sovteks to JJs and the amp sounds a lot better now. JJs are dark valves, so it helps to balance out some of the treble, and I'm using E34Ls which are a little bassier than EL34s.

There's also the fact that the stock speakers are pretty ice-picky when they want to be. To be honest I'd want to steer clear of going inside the amp and taking out components.
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id probly take it too a tech as there is a problem with one of the speaker outputs aswell and if im putting in new tubes itll need rebiasing anyway. I just though it sounded like sometthing that might make the treble control a bit more useable.
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