I've been playing for about a year and a half, and i don't claim to be amazing, but I think I'm pretty good

Anyways i need to upgrade my amp, i was looking at maybe a 30 watt Spider III, but I've heard that can be a bad decision. I practice at least an hour a day on my own, and have been looking for a band lately, so basically i guess i just need a decent amp for the moderate guitarist looking to expand his playing skills (been trying improv solos lately)
preferably in the $120-$200 range, maybe even a little more

What kind of music do you play? A $200 budget is going to be hard to work with, especially if you're looking to join a band. Save up a bit more, if that's possible.
i play mostly alternative (RATM, Wolfmother, and White Stripes are bands whose most songs i know) doesn't have to be great, almost anything is better than what i have now. i just need something with a wide tone variety (OD sounds nice but can also play soft songs nicely)
save up a bit more and get a Valveking 112, or save up a little bit less and get a blackheart combo.
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